Behaviour Change:  helping people realize their potential to contribute to positive change through their own actions. 

Encouraging behaviour change and creating a culture of positive change for a desired behaviour is vital for the successful implementation of many strategies.

For two decades, Lura has been a Canadian leader in behaviour change strategies through the use of Community-Based Social Marketing approaches. Community-Based Social Marketing is a proven approach to fostering more sustainable behaviours, such as reducing energy or water use, reducing vehicle idling, or using phosphorous free products to protect our lakes and rivers.


We can help you with:

  • Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) program design, implementation and evaluation
  • Barrier and benefit research
  • Literature and web-based best practice reviews
  • Research services - interviews, focus groups and surveys
  • Pilot project design and evaluation
  • Communication plans, campaigns and outreach tools
  • Program branding and infographics
  • Training webinars, workshops and manuals on behaviour change approaches
Behaviour Change

For examples of our work in these areas, please see Our Work.