December Case Study: Idle-Free Zone

Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE), with the assistance of Lura Consulting, has developed one of the most comprehensive applications of Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) in support of fostering more sustainable driving behaviours amongst Canadians. The “Idle-Free Zone” campaign has been implemented at the national and municipal level in all regions of Canada, and campaign tools and techniques have been used internationally in countries such as the United States, Australia and Japan.

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November Case Study: What’s YOUR Wilmot

Lura worked closely with Township staff and members of Council to develop a practical and achievable Strategic Plan – a document that will guide and provide direction to the Township over a twenty year horizon. Asking community members to ponder the question “What’s YOUR Wilmot?”, the contents of the Strategic Plan were largely influenced by an extensive and participatory community engagement campaign. Lura also undertook a comprehensive needs assessment, which examined the municipality’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they relate to its cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental integrity, and social wellbeing.

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Lura Congratulates City of London on Multiple OPPI Awards!

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) has announced that the City of London has won four Excellence in Planning Awards for the City’s ground-breaking ReThink London project.

ReThink London was the largest community engagement project in London’s history, engaging over 50,000 residents in a conversation about London’s future. The resulting plan – The London Plan – articulates the City’s new vision and municipal policies based on the unprecedented engagement of City residents.

“We warmly congratulate John Fleming, the planning department and all City staff who worked so hard on ReThink London,” said Liz Nield, CEO of Lura Consulting. “Lura was privileged to work with the City throughout the ReThink process and we were so impressed by the City’s commitment to build its new plan through listening to and reflecting community feedback in The London Plan.”

“We are thrilled that OPPI has recognized the City of London with no less than 4 Excellence in Planning Awards, including two for the ReThink process and two for the resulting London Plan. Very well deserved,” Nield said.

OPPI Press Release for the 2017 Excellence in Planning Awards

October Case Study: Bayview Glen Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan

In collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, Lura led the development of the sustainable neighbourhood action plan, or SNAP for the Bayview Glen neighbourhood. The SNAP identifies priority actions to improve local sustainability in both the public and private lands of the neighbourhood. Retrofit concept plans were developed for two parks, one parkette and walkways and streets in the public realm, while a residential retrofit program and new home construction program were created to improve the neighbourhood’s privately-owned assets. The Bayview Glen SNAP public realm retrofit concepts recently received the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects 2016 National Award (New Directions, Conceptual Work).

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September Case Study: Toronto Waterfront Revitalization

Lura was initially retained in 2002 by Waterfront Toronto to design and lead the Corporation’s public consultation programs. Lura’s contribution included developing the overall strategic approach taken to community consultation by Waterfront Toronto as well as the Corporation’s public consultation policy. Over the past decade, Lura has worked closely with Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto to engage waterfront stakeholders and communities in over 20 waterfront revitalization projects.

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