Zero Waste Event Home Run!

Quench Buggy and the Lura Zero Waste team were a home run at the Mayor’s Invitational Softball Tournament this July.  Members of the Lura team enjoyed some sunshine while teaching the teams about recycling and organics programs; additionally the team helped to divert waste from the landfill. 


Over 80% of the event’s waste was diverted from the landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting.  Softball players were eager to contribute.  Most eagerly participated, asking questions, and some even committed to their own Zero Waste goals!  Players were most shocked to learn that the tops of water bottles could not be recycled, and that plastic from these water bottles slowly degrades over time.  With a little bit of exposure to the facts, those drinking from disposable water bottles put some consideration into stainless steel bottles.

Those at the event with reusable water bottles enjoyed the Quench Buggy.  “The Buggy is filled with Municipal water”, Quench Buggy CEO Darryl Hindle says, “it makes sense to use, since it is free, convenient, and more environmentally-friendly than bottled water.  People seem to have positive reactions to us”.


The day ended on a high note with an address from the Mayor and a catered dinner for the teams.  The caterers did their part to reduce waste and provided compostable plates and managed recycling of bottles and glasses. 

Thanks to everyone who participated and spoke with the Lura Zero Waste team! Can’t wait to see you next year!