Congratulations to our friends in Huron-Kinloss on your new Strategic and Sustainability Plan!

Our Future Huron-Kinloss, the official strategic and sustainability plan of Huron-Kinloss was adopted by Council on November 18th, 2013. It has experienced positive initial reactions from the community with several members of the public in attendance to support the plan when Lura Consulting met with Mayor Twolan and Council to present the final plan in early November. The project provided Lura with the opportunity to get to know and experience Huron-Kinloss and the diverse stakeholders it has, including the vibrant Mennonite communities and well-developed agricultural festivals. We were fortunate to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Ontario. Our Future Huron-Kinloss has been developed as a planning strategy that establishes a community vision and priorities to guide the current and future Councils towards the elements of Huron-Kinloss that everyone loves, while focusing on specific areas that could be improved upon for a more sustainable future.

The plan is framed around a community vision and four guiding principles of sustainability. The community vision is: Huron-Kinloss celebrates a unique mix of welcoming communities and natural beauty. The community vision is supported by five main areas that have emerged as important to the Huron-Kinloss community. They provide direction to work towards the community’s ideal future for 2024 and will influence the future decision-making of Council and staff to help reach the shared vision for the future.

Lura saw strong community engagement with the development of Our Future Huron-Kinloss, receiving feedback from over 600 people! A steering committee and four enthusiastic working groups, made up of community members with a variety of backgrounds, helped create the vision, goals and actions to guide the Township. Township Council, department heads, and all staff members also had an important ongoing role in development of the Plan and supporting its implementation. Numerous community groups, organizations, and individuals participated in conversations to provide valuable input to the Plan. Many community members also participated in the Community Forum and shared ideas through an online survey.

The Lura team is thankful to be welcomed into such a great community of residents that truly care about Huron-Kinloss’ future. We spent some time taking in the local attractions such as the Ripley Community Centre, Lake Huron, restaurants and learning about agriculture. We look forward to working in the region and continuing to help build strong and passionate communities.

Congratulations Huron-Kinloss and thank you for your valued feedback during the engagement process!

To view the final plan please visit: