Happy World Water Day!

This week is Canada Water Week – a celebration of water across the nation. Canada Water Week is held annually in the third week of March to coincide with World Water Day on March 22. World Water Day is recognized internationally as a day to celebrate water and encourage a dialogue on water issues and water management. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as the first World Water Day and 22 years later we continue to mark this day in our calendar as ‘Water Day’ (UN-Water, 2015). UN-Water identifies a theme for World Water Day each year, and this year, individuals from across the globe will focus their conversation on the topic of ‘Water and Sustainable Development’.

At Lura, we work with communities, corporations and organizations to plan for a sustainable future. The theme for this year’s World Water Day encourages us to think about the links between water and the various pillars of sustainability when planning for our future. Water is directly linked to the health of our citizens and ecosystems, is required for the production of food, energy and manufactured goods, and is the foundation of our urban infrastructure. As we continue to strive for a sustainable and resilient future locally, nationally and globally, it is important that we take action to protect and enhance our freshwater systems.

To learn more about this year’s World Water Day topic visit: http://www.unwater.org/worldwaterday

Join the water conversation this week by attending an event being held in your community, or by engaging in the conversation online. We would love to hear what you have to say about #Water and #Sustainability. Tag @LuraConsulting in your #WorldWaterDay tweets!

  The Coves Environmentally Significant Area, London, ON 

The Coves Environmentally Significant Area, London, ON