New Green Roof Coming to Cooper Koo Family Cherry Street YMCA!

Lura is collaborating with the Greater Toronto Area YMCA in the development of the new Cooper Koo Family Cherry Street YMCA. The Cooper Koo Centre of Community is a large, modern 82,000 sq. ft. facility built for use during the Pan Am and Para Pan Am games and to be converted into a new YMCA following the games in winter 2016.

Lura’s role is to work with the YMCA to engage the community in the development of the new green roof at the Cooper Koo Family Cherry Street YMCA. To date, we have helped the YMCA engage over 400 households through online surveys, pop-up meetings and face-to-face consultations. The new green roof will transform typically unused space to provide new, vibrant, community space for the neighbourhood. The space will be open 6 months of the year and will be an accessible green roof. The green roof features 10,000 square feet of “useable” space and 20,000 square feet of meadow and nature, totaling 30,000 square feet of green roof. Plus, there will be another 30,000 square feet of green roof next door at the George Brown campus. Together with the YMCA, we have provided the community with the tools to shape this space into one that will support the community for many more years. Lura highlighted the YMCA’s long history of working with the community to gain and support them to their full potential. The YMCA will continue to grow with their values of caring, health, honesty, inclusiveness, respect and responsibility guiding them.

The YMCA is looking for a few more volunteers to help build the green roof throughout May. If you are interested in volunteering and contributing to the development of a brand new neighbourhood, please contact Sarah Beldick,