Working Together to Support Mental Wellbeing at Lura

If you follow us on Twitter (@luraconsulting) you’ll know we’ve been out in full force engaging people in conversations about land use planning, infrastructure, municipal energy planning, climate action, salt management and corporate sustainability in communities all over eastern and southern Ontario. In fact, April was one of the busiest months in Lura’s history!

Before the marathon of public meetings started, we sat down as a team to discuss workloads, timelines for deliverables and strategies to manage stress and prevent mental exhaustion (yes, we workshop ourselves!).

Taking time to reflect on the importance of mental wellbeing is one of the key objectives of Mental Health Week (May 5-11, 2015). First introduced by the Canadian Mental Health Association in 1951, Mental Health Week also aims to promote mental wellbeing in all aspects of daily life – including where we work.

Prioritizing mental wellbeing in the workplace is essential to supporting and engaging emotionally healthy (and productive) employees. Creating a workplace culture that supports mental wellbeing and work life balance starts with an understanding of mental health issues and providing tools and strategies to help manage them.

In the spirit of Mental Health Week, we’re sharing a few of the strategies from our brainstorming session to showcase simple ways to support mental wellbeing in the workplace.

  1. Plan ahead to take care of yourself
  2. Take breaks as needed to recharge
  3. Eat well and stay active
  4. Get support from coworkers, family and friends
  5. Flex hours to balance long days or working on weekends

One other key strategy we embraced to motivate us through the busy weeks was making time to celebrate our accomplishments and have fun together. We’re finalizing plans for our celebration event (stay tuned for photos) and looking forward to some well-earned rest and relaxation.

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What strategies do you use to balance work and life? Share them below or tweet us @LuraConsulting