International Youth Day

In anticipation of International Youth Day (IYD) on August 12 and in conjunction with this year’s theme “Youth Civic Engagement”, we at Lura thought it appropriate to share a few methods we use to engage youth along with some best practices for these unique interactions.

International Youth Day was initiated by the United Nations in 1999, and since August 12, 2000, various events are carried out around the world on this day to draw attention to the legal and cultural issues that affect youth. Events range from workshops, concerts, and cultural demonstrations to meetings b government officials from both local and national arenas and numerous youth organizations.

Today’s youth not only have the great potential to be vital partners in the transition and dynamics of youth affairs but will also comprise future leaders on the world stage. These worldwide campaigns are meant as a way to engage and raise awareness among influential members of government bodies as well as the general public.

At Lura, it is our philosophy to ensure that underrepresented populations have equal opportunity as well as incentives to share their views on a variety of topics. In terms of youth engagement, our strategy is to keep it accessible and to make it relevant. A few common tools we use for engagement include:

  • Youth presentations
  • Pop-up conversations
  • Art and photography contests
  • Do-it-yourself workshops
  • Online engagement
  • Social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter and Instragram)

These tools ensure that there are diverse opportunities and venues for youth to become engaged, while educating youth on the importance of giving input on issues that relate to them and their future, encouraging youth to take ownership and community pride, demonstrating that youth are an integral part of the process, and raising the bar for what’s expected with respect to youth engagement.

There are many ways youth can join the IYD celebrations on August 12!

One way is by sharing a message that relates to this year’s theme via Twitter with the hashtag #YouthDay. This message could be a photograph, a specific idea, or promote an IYD event in their local community. has more information: Join International Youth Day 2015 Celebrations.

What are some ways you can make an impact in your local youth communities this August 12 and onward? Let us know on Twitter, @LuraConsulting.

For more info, please visit:

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