It's Conference Season!

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and the leaves are changing colour. We all know what this means - fall conference season! Like many of you, Lura staff are embracing the spirit of the season and attending conferences to learn about new areas of interest, share lessons learned from projects that cover a spectrum of disciplines, and reconnect with clients and project partners. If you're attending any of the conferences listed below, be sure to say hi or check out the projects we're speaking about.

2016 AMO Conference, Ottawa, Ontario - August 14-17

Lura's CEO Liz Nield speaks about public engagement beyond the public meeting (with Sean Galloway, City of London and John Ariyo, City of Hamilton).

Livable Cities Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia - September 12-14

Liz leads an interactive "fishbowl" discussion about how different professionals communicate key messages about climate change and adaptation (with Ewa Jackson, ICLEI Canada).

2016 IAP2 North American Conference, Montreal, Quebec - September 28-30

Liz shares insights about the power of participatory design as it relates to her work with the YMCA in Toronto (with Anne-Louise Blaikie, YMCA of Greater Toronto).

2016 OPPI Symposium, Hamilton, Ontaro - October 5 & 6

On October 6, Lura's Vice-President Susan Hall will present a toolkit to advance ecohealth policies developed in collaboration with Planning Solutions Inc. and Ecohealth Ontario. The toolkit will also be presented at the 2016 Latornell Conservation Symposium in Alliston, Ontario, November 15-17.

ACT Canada Sustainable Mobility Summit 2016, Ottawa, Ontario - October 23-26

Jeff Garkowski, Senior Planner and Project Manager at Lura, will speak about two transportation demand projects:

  1. Fostering sustainable transportation choices through behaviour change (with Susan Hall), and
  2. Increasing usage of a commuter lot through individualized marketing in Peel Region (with Judy Yack, Region of Peel).
 IAP2 selfie of Anne-Louise Blaikie (left) and Liz Nield (right).

IAP2 selfie of Anne-Louise Blaikie (left) and Liz Nield (right).