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Here are some quick facts about Lura. Check out the following links to learn more about Our Services and Our Work.

  • Land Use Research Associates, or Lura, was founded in 1974 by Sally Leppard with a mandate to involve people and organizations in decision-making processes that affect them.
  • Sally Leppard was a pioneer in the field of public consultation in Ontario. Sally helped shape Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act and its requirements to consult with Ontarians about projects with environmental impacts and was one of the first public consultation practitioners in the province.
  • In its early days, the company focused on land use issues such as protecting the Niagara Escarpment and minimizing pollutants in run-off from urban and agricultural areas into the Great Lakes. The “Lura” acronym soon became a fixture in the environmental sector.
  • The company was rebranded in the late ‘80s as Lura Consulting, but still reflects the original philosophy and approach we bring to every project we work on: Listen, Understand, Relate, Advance.
  • Building on our roots in the environmental sector, we’ve engaged individuals and stakeholders in well over 1,100 projects encompassing a broad range of topics areas such as transportation, urban redevelopment, land use, energy, parks planning, health care and social issues.
  • Lura is the largest firm in Ontario that provides community engagement services as a core function of its business. We also integrate engagement activities in projects across all our services areas, which include: Engagement, Strategic Planning, Sustainability & Climate Action, and Behaviour Change.
  • Lura has two offices – you can find us on Concession Street in Hamilton or in the Consumers Road Business Park in Toronto. If we’re not in the office, we’re collaborating with clients or engaging communities all over the province. Sometimes we work from home too, as part of our commitment to sustainability and minimizing our environmental footprint.
  • Our team includes experienced public engagement practitioners as well as subject matter experts in topic areas ranging from environmental management to urban planning, to sustainability and climate action, and project management.

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