Our Four Service Areas are:



At Lura, we can help you…

Engage communities, stakeholders, governments, and organizations in decision making

Connect groups, individuals, and decision-makers to enable better decisions and outcomes

Facilitate meaningful constructive conversations

Generate new ideas to solve old and new problems


Develop plans and strategies that effectively integrate diverse perspectives

Build capacity or coach others on collaborative planning

Plan your sustainable future

Encourage positive cultural change

Implement and evaluate strategies, programs and initiatives

We strongly support organizational capacity building to help our clients further their ability and growth to reach their goals and improve the effectiveness of their own programming and services. We provide face-to-face workshops, webinars, toolkits and other capacity building activities in each of our four main service areas.

Our expertise is applied in a diversity of sectors and topic areas, ranging from environment to socio-economics to community planning and well-being. For examples of our work in these areas, please see Our Work.