Sustainability at Lura

We at Lura do not take our role as leaders in environmentally responsible business lightly. We aim to be recognized for creating a sustainable and healthy work environment and for facilitating positive change within our communities. Our Corporate Sustainability Plan helps to guide these efforts. The Plan recognizes and makes steps to reduce our negative environmental impacts and strengthen our contributions to the communities in which we work.


Some of the ways we have demonstrated our commitment to environmental protection and social capital include:


  • Reducing our office space and creating a sustainable workplaces
  • Telecommuting and carpooling
  • Donating retired equipment
  • Using teleconferencing and webinars for meetings
  • Managing our energy consumption through the use of Energy Star rated equipment and using Bullfrog Power
  • Signing on as Partners of Sustainable Hamilton and the City of Hamilton’s Climate Change Action Charter
  • Implementing green purchasing for ourselves and on behalf of our clients 
  • Implementing our Green Meeting policy
  • Promoting sustainability planning that incorporates the triple bottom line approach, assisting clients in public and private sectors
  • Volunteering in the communities where we live and work
  • Reducing paper use and using recycling paper 
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Energy Star
Bullfrog Power
Climate Change Champions