Sustainability & Climate Action:  working with communities, groups and corporations to plan for a sustainable future.

Across Canada, organizations, municipalities and institutions are embarking on the path towards sustainability and climate action. We have successfully completed or are providing consulting services for over 50 sustainability and climate action strategies.

Our approaches centers on designing effective planning processes and providing the essential scientific and technical basis and research expertise to inform planning activities. With our solid understanding of sustainability planning, climate action and implementation, we guide our clients through this exciting and rewarding process from inception to implementation and performance measurement.  

We can help you with:

  • Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSPs)
  • Climate Action Plans and Local Action Plans (LAPs)
  • Institutional and campus sustainability plans
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies (CSR)
  • Collaborative visioning, goal setting and action planning
  • Baseline assessments, gap analysis and reporting
  • Sustainability consulting services
  • Organizational models, governance and implementation structures
  • Partnership strategies 
  • Creating a culture of sustainability
  • Performance measurement, target setting
  • Designing multi-agency/multi-departmental monitoring and reporting frameworks
  • Workshops, training, coaching and sustainability toolkits
  • Third party review, evaluation and plan refresh

For examples of our work in these areas, please see Our Work.